About Us

A family pictsWe’re tickled pink to announce the arrival of Simplicity Decor’s sister store, Simplicity ABC!

We want to make Simplicity ABC a truly unique combination of a wonderful shopping experience and a community gathering place, offering parents and children a warm, welcoming destination in the heart of downtown Kirkland.

We offer the same very personalized service you’ve come to expect at Simplicity Décor. And Simplicity ABC will also be a social center for the community, offering all kinds of fun activities and classes for children and their parents.

The idea behind SimplicityABC actually came from our customers at SimplicityDecor. As more and more people began enjoying our unique children’s items and asking for more gifts, toys and books, what began as a small corner of kid’s items quickly expanded.

Eventually, we ran out of space.

And I knew the only way to answer all the requests from my customers would be to expand into a new space in the neighborhood. So I began looking. A few years later, I learned Georgie, owner of Lakeshore Gallery across the street, had plans to retire.

A few short months and a lot of renovating and hard work later, SimplicityABC was born. A place for children and their parents to live, laugh and learn!

Why ‘SimplicityABC’?

I’ve always loved the word ‘Simplicity.’ To me, it really is the key to a happy life.

As for ABC … My mother liked to keep things simple.  Believe it or not, Mom named me “A” the day I was born. When the nurse brought me to my mother and asked what she planned to name me, Mom was stuck for a moment. She glanced up at the headboard of her hospital bed, which was labeled ‘A.’

“How about ‘A’?” she said.

Three years later, my brother “B” was born. Followed by my youngest brother “C”.

My mother was amazing. Truly one of a kind. I still miss her every day.

But, when I began looking for the perfect name for a new children’s store, I was at a loss. Sometimes we miss the obvious. My dear partner, Doug, fortunately, is more clear-sighted and suggested SimplicityABC in honor of my family and my mother’s simple creativity.

(I wanted to add ‘D’ to the string of letters as a thank you to Doug, but he declined the offer.)

I want Simplicity ABC to be places where we find that we don’t need a lot to make our lives full, keep our children laughing and learning, and our homes warm and welcoming.

Thank you for your time and for all of the warm welcomes we’ve received since opening our doors. And thank you for visiting SimplicityABC.com.

I look forward to seeing you at the store very soon.